The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health views education as one of the conceptual cornerstones of our care delivery model. Education is a dynamic process that supports the mission and vision of JPS Health Network. Learning is broadly defined as a change in behavior or perception in light of new information and education is the mechanism by which this learning process occurs.  

We believe behavioral healthcare is scientifically based and artfully practiced. We value the transformational power of education for our patients and their families and our behavioral healthcare team.

As healthcare providers, we often seek to impart new information to our patients as we support their unique journeys to recovery and resiliency.  In turn, as professionals, we ourselves are called to a lifelong process of learning through education as we seek to deliver innovative clinical care which meets the needs of a dynamic population within an ever-evolving environment of care.   

JPS has a long tradition as a teaching hospital which prepares the next generation of providers for behavioral healthcare. Our deep connection to education and research defines our present and fuels our journey forward into the future. We further value fostering innovation and the generation of new knowledge through active encouragement of clinical research and scholarly activities.
As part of our overall training mission, we are excited to offer a Clinical Psychology Internship Program. For more information about the program, contact:

Cindy Claassen, PhD
Director of Clinical Training: Psychology